Grâce aux femmes comme toi

Written by: Michaëla St-Pierre


There are a few particularly exceptional women on this earth,

Those who make you believe in all the good in the world and in yourself;

Those who love you like a daughter, despite the lack of actual blood tie;

Those who welcome you into their heart and home without hesitation,

            And who make you feel special simply by being seen through her eyes.


They are the women who hold themselves with grace, humour, and honour, no matter how rainy the day;

They are the women who have taught me to be independent, to love, and be loved;

They are the women who inspire me to grow into my skin with the same peace, understanding, and wisdom as they carry themselves with.


This is the woman who first opened my eyes to this virtuous embodiment of womanhood;

This is the woman who inspires me to create a luscious, adventurous, colourful life.

France – this planet is a better place grâce aux femmes comme toi