The opening of a new chapter

As soon as these two showed up to my house in the Yukon, I knew we would be dear friends. This engagement session is the opening of a new chapter of blank pages beginning next fall.

How did I get so lucky to capture them in one of my favourite spots?

Kathleen & Kevin

You know when you meet new people and 5 minutes later you feel like long time friends? That’s how it felt with Kevin & Kathleen. We met at rock climbing drop ins earlier this year and it just felt like I was chatting with two good friends. These humans are amazing. They had a very small wedding in their home and left the very next morning for aventure trip to Nevada.

To hold the space for their love, camera in hand, feels like a more complete way of saying thank you, for letting me be part of this special day.

She will never lose her wild

And here's what I need to say to you, winter, fears and stress, and anyone who can hear me: There is no such thing as one way to do it.

She can have a house with a million plants and burn sage in the bathtub while reading as much as she needs. And do it all in one day. She will never lose her wild. She’s just investing in herself and nurturing her really beautiful roots. And she’s holding on so tight to her truths, passions and commitments, even when, especially when, they all seem totally paradoxical.

Rock Climbing in Red Rocks

Integrating two of the things I enjoy the most doing—rock climbing and photography.

Photo and Poem contribution : Calla Paleczny

I wish I could climb to my Beloved

feel my toes launch off of the highest piece of rock

and be lifted into the firmament

my rope won’t hold me to the earth

for I will see that it has never been there

each clip

each bolt

was a generous gift to comfort me in my human-ness

anguish is submersion in the dust of crumbling rock

it is distance from the melodies of “all songs are from the King”

it is not welcome, nay not possible in the aether of “trust in God”

not found on the mountain I slowly climb named “in thy soul of love, build thou a fire”

Grace has joined me on this mountain

whispering secrets into my ear “listen daughter of the kingdom”

coaxing me to slowly empty the seams of my garments of pebbles

that I have sewn in as excuses

I have been nudged lovingly with pockets in the rock for my fingers

small ledges for my toes “climb on, Kinglet”

footholds have been felled from under my feet

when I linger too long in places where I cannot stay but am unwilling

to leave

I have wet the rock with bitter tears

that were dried once again by the winds of

“graciously bestow a pair of heavenly wings unto each of these fledglings”

and I have climbed on

with these wings

my Beloved will not care for the excuses I made on this journey, nor for the numerousness of my failures yet I will face what I have done here on the cliff of

“if there be no pain, this journey will never end.”

my hands will wear and knot from the rock,

even as I journey through the “oceans of grandeur”

my feet will become agile and trustworthy,

even as I am dismantled, dispersed and absorbed into “poverty and absolute nothingness”

though all the while— roped to the earth

my soul will soar

beyond blue skies

beyond winter storms

beyond the “world of time”

dancing in the world of “perpetuity” or perhaps even “eternity”

and there I will be incorruptibly




This beautiful poem was written by my friend Calla Paleczny

Force of life

My mother is a force of life. It’s hard to explain really but she has a way to draw people towards her. Her kindness, smile, authenticity, force and love. She makes us see life in a different light. She makes us want to be better. She inspires us to follow our passion and our heart.

Thank you for being you.

Believe what you feel

“You see, you closed your eyes. That was the difference. Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them, too – even when you’re in the dark. Even when you’re falling.” 

― Mitch Albom

Thalia & Tyler

I share this wedding here to illustrate my belief that the power of love is the most resilient gift of all. 

Love stories must always be told, and then told again, even when, perhaps especially when, we are faced with unthinkable difficulty. 

I am so honored to have been there to celebrate Thalis and Tyler's wedding and hope that maybe these few memories shared here today, will brighten your heart, too. 

Wild jewels

In the darkest shades of light the earth is birthing beauty.
Here, hold a bundle of small beauties.
wild jewels
Once beheld by eyes that wonder hold them till their colours fade,
And I will lift my eyes to see shadow,
shapes and moments.
Im held not by hands
but by your eyes. 
They will speak
memories of each and every beauty.

-Beautifully written by Megan Broadfoot

This flow of energy

If you can spend some time with your eyes closed visualizing this flow of energy, take the time to do so as often as you can. See yourself balanced and strong—vibrant and capable. If you can, stop even for just a few seconds and close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and feel into your root chakra, your base. You will start to connect with you.


Although we all come from different parts of the planet, we are here for one common purpose. Seeking something is a common purpose. In fact, we are all seekers and wanderers, to know or achieve something bigger. Must of us seek happiness and some the truth. Some nothing. In the process of seeking, we stumble across great powers, great achievements and some great powers of extraordinary results.

Dance in the dark

At one time or another, life will hand each one of us a box full of darkness. Make sure to keep that box for a little while – to understand what it has to offer – but not for too long. Look inside that box and you will find self-awareness, new room for passions, kindness and love. Dance in darkness through your discoveries and when you’re ready throw out the box. Do it all over again.


I am extremely grateful to call this beautiful and shining little human my sister. 

These moments

Witnessing what happens when we show up in the middle of the ever imperfect rough draft stages of life, and art, rather than rushing to fix a single thing, we instead stay in the moment and slow down our breathing just to feel and listen. These moments bring real awareness to our lives, why we feel a certain way and enlighten us with new details we were unaware of. This is my type of magic.

My thoughts

All of life is exactly that—a condition to which you choose to react. I can choose what I think by interrupting what I was thinking. After practicing choosing my words and selecting what I think, I actually begin to choose how I think.

My thoughts affect everything I have and bring into my life, choosing the positive makes a big different.

My home is dark and beautiful

My home is dark and beautiful, as striking as she is fearsome
Her conditions are imposing, but her splendour’s the most winsome

In the little she reveals, there lays much mystery
She is distant from the world, gentle, quiet, and icy

My home is dark and beautiful; her spirit quite bipolar
Piercing out, each day is bright and blissful, quickly coming to a closure

To live in such extremities, she is the most courageous of them all
She is tenacious, daring, fearless, with this she does enthral

My home is dark and beautiful, like a haunting melody
Her darkness calm and heavy, bits of myself in her I see

- Michaëla St-Pierre - 

You deserve the sun.

Sometimes we settle for less in our life. A less fulfilling career, friendship, romantic relationship etc... This is because deep down, and other times not far from the surface, we believe that is what we feel we deserve. Darling, you deserve the sun, the moon, and all the wonders of the stars because you are worth a life that fulfills every facet of who you are. We have one chance on this beautiful earth, so don't settle for anything less than what brings you peace, what brings you joy and makes your soul content. Anything else is not worthy of your time. For it, dear one, is limited.

-Chloe Ellana Woodland